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Athena Porch and Patio Cedar Picnic Tables and Teak Outdoor Garden Furniture. A Well Priced selection of PICNIC TABLES, Teak Outdoor Dining Sets, PATIO TABLES, Benches Garden Furniture Cedar Adirondack Furniture, Teak Patio Furniture and more Classic Picnic Tables Teak Steamer Chairs and Picnic Table OUTDOOR PATIO FURNITURE. This site hosts many types of CEDAR Picnic Table including Cedar Patio Tables, Porch Swings, Garden Benches, and Garden Arbors. Teak Patio Table, Picnic Table Furniture, Teak Furniture, Outdoor Furniture, Cedar Furniture and Rustic Wood Furniture is also included. For all of our Outdoor Picnic Table and Patio Furniture Estethic Purpose and Ultimate Comfort is at the top of our production list. There are great deals to be had on the many Picnic Table items ranging from Picnic Tables to Garden benches to Porch Swings teak chairs and teak tables.


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Patio Table
Cedar Patio Table

Shipping $52.00
Teak Table
Teak Patio Set

Shipping $288.00
Cedar Table Set
Cedar Picnic Set

Shipping $72.00
Teak Patio Table
Teak Round Table

Shipping $230.00
Teak Outdoor Table Set
Teak Outdoor Set

Shipping $288.00
Teak Patio Table
Teak Octagon Table

Shipping $230.00
Log Table
Log Table Set

Shipping $185.00
Teak Butterfly Extension Table Set
Teak Extension Table Set

Shipping $288.00
Outdoor Table Set
Outdoor Picnic Set

Shipping $165.00
Teak Umbrella
Market Umbrella

Shipping $150.00
Adirondack Table
Adirondack Side Table

Shipping $29.00
Teak Umbrella
Table Umbrella

Shipping $150.00

Picnic Table Patio Table Teak Patio Table


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At Athena you will also find excellent value on our Teak Patio Table patio furniture. Most if not all of the Patio Table furniture inclusive of Picnic Tables - Garden Arbor - Cedar Trellis - wishing wells Planters- Garden Benches - Swings - Gliders - Teak Chairs and many other miscellaneous cedar patio and outdoor Furniture can be found.. at reasonable prices.