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Here at Athena Porch & Patio Adirondack Chair Furniture you will find that for all our outdoor furniture items including teak steamer chairs and teak tables, Garden and Poolside furniture and Outdoor Chairs, ESTHETIC PURPOSE and ULTIMATE COMFORT is at the top of our production list.

Teak patio furniture Teak furniture is a beautiful addition to your outdoor patio but it does require proper care and maintenance to keep it looking great and prevent it from wearing out before its time. Unlike other kinds of wood, teak quickly takes on a weathered look which turns it from a natural brown to a gray color. Many people allow their teak to age to achieve this grayness but it`s also easy to keep your teak a lustrous shade of brown. These simple care tips will keep your teak looking great and lasting for many years to come.

Basic Cleaning Because you keep your teak furniture outdoors, it will likely need to be washed on a regular basis. The best way to clean teak is to simply spray it off with plain water to remove dust and dirt. If your furniture has caked debris or mud, use a gentle scrub brush and plain water to clear it from the surface of the teak. If your teak begins to silver, use a soft sponge and Simple Green to minimize it and keep the wood color shining through.

Mold and Mildew If you live in a moist environment, such as near the ocean, your teak might be subject to mold and mildew growth. Spray the furniture with a solution of one part bleach to one part water to kill the mold and mildew and clear it from your furniture. Allow the mixture to soak on the wood for at least 15 minutes, then spray the furniture with the hose to rinse the bleach off. Be sure you do this on the driveway or sidewalk to prevent damage to your grass or other yard d?cor. Allow the teak to dry before replacing it on your patio.

Oiling Use a specially formulated oil for your teak. It`s important to understand that this won`t make your furniture last longer, but it will help prevent it from turning gray if you prefer the natural wood color. Simply rub the oil in with a soft cloth several times each year.

Maintenance Some simple maintenance steps can help prolong the life of your teak furniture but don`t require much time or effort. Try to keep your teak out of direct sunlight for most of the day. This helps prevent the natural wood oils from drying, which can result in cracked and warped wood. Don`t cover your teak during extreme weather because it can trap moisture inside, which can result in mold and mildew on the surfaces. Instead, store it under the patio, in a shed or in your garage if you expect rain or snow in your area.

Decorating Teak is beautiful on its own, but you can jazz it up by adding accessories to create an outdoor living space everyone will want to spend time in. http://www.dunelm-mill.com/shop/bedding/pillows/ is a great place to find throw pillows in every size, shape, pattern and color. You won`t have any trouble finding textiles to give your teak furniture personality and flair. Group your teak in a cozy arrangement on top of a quality outdoor rug and add some side tables for vases full of flowers and for resting your cold drinks.


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Teak Chair
Teak Chair

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Teak Patio Furniture
Teak Arm Chair

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Teak Steamer Chair
Teak Steamer Chair

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Teak Chaise Lounger
Teak Chaise Lounger

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Teak Rocker Chair
Teak Rocking Chair

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Teak Dining Table
Teak Butterfly Table

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Teak Derby Bench
Teak Derby Bench

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Teak Patio Furniture
Teak Dining Chair

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Teak Beach Chair
Teak Beach Lounger

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Teak Table
Teak Round Table

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Teak Patio Table
Teak Table Set

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Teak Table
Teak Octagon Table

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Teak Umbrella
Market Umbrella

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Solid Teak Bench
Solid Teak Bench

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Teak Umbrella
Table Umbrella

Shipping $150.00

Some WORDS OF WISDOM when purchasing Wooden Outdoor Furniture.

Be sure that your vendor uses proper materials. Western Red Cedar or True Java Teak are 2 of the best woods to use for outdoor wood furniture such as Teak Chairs.
Both Teak and Cedar woods have a high level of resinous oil present in the timber which helps to act as a natural insect repellent making the wood highly resistant to rot caused by fungal decay or attack by termites and other wood boring insects.
The online market place is highly competitive for Teak Chairs and other outdoor furniture and offers low prices with a large selection to choose from.
Whenever you are considering any major purchase - weather it is Teak Chairs or other patio furniture it makes sense to explore what the Internet has to offer. Buying garden furniture online weather it be Teak Chairs, Teak Tables, Teak Garden Furniture, or other outdoor furniture is one of those instances in which unique styles and top quality merhandise can go hand in hand with great prices..

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At Athena you will also find excellent value on our Teak Garden furniture. Most if not all of the Teak Patio Furniture inclusive of Teak Chairs - Teak Tables - Teak Steamer Chairs - Teak Patio Tables - Teak Benches - Garden Benches - Swings - Gliders - Teak Outdoor Furniture and many other miscellaneous Teak patio and outdoor Furniture can be found.. all at reasonable prices.